Akashic Record Healing Sessions

Akashic Library

I am an intuitive healer, and access what you need for deep healing from the Akashic Records. This information is used to heal past and current trauma, and to gain a very solid understanding of why certain events or things have happened in the lives of my clients–so they can move forward with clarity, healing, and even…levity!

It’s a fascinating and sacred process, and my work is conducted via phone and in person.

I help guide clients who are newly awakening to the wonders of Spirit and what lies beyond what we can ‘normally’ see and hear. This involves a process of education and stepping into our own unique ways we perceive the world of Spirit, and practices to integrate these gifts into your daily lives.

I help clients unravel the mysteries of:

  • Awakening or ‘Ascension’ symptoms
  • Newly discovered spiritual gifts of seeing (clairvoyance), understanding (clairsentience), and more
  • Unlocking the process and gifts of intuition and Divine connection
  • Understanding and tapping into universal healing energy

I guide and help people to heal from:

  • Difficult current or past relationships
  • Physical symptoms, like chronic throat conditions, migraines, joint pain, gut issues, etc.
    Often, these physical symptoms are caused by underlying, much older root issues, and I specialize in helping clients uncover those root causes of pain and dis-ease. This is known to be one of my particular areas of specialty in working through the Akashic Records.
  • Healthy recovery from surgery, cancer treatment, accidents, childbirth, etc.
  • Unresolved symptoms caused by trauma from the past, including childhood and past lives.

I would love to work with you to unravel the mysteries of health and emotional situations, relationships, symptoms, illnesses, and other questions you may have about your present or past!

Call for a free discussion, or book with me via the Contact page today!

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