Collective Healing and Elohim: YOU are a Cell in the Body of God

30540098 - infinite healing words

I have become involved in more and more healings where I understand that the work we are doing — to heal our own selves — is part of something much, much more expansive than we could have imagined. Every time we heal an aspect of our own beautiful selves, we are in fact contributing healing to the collective of humankind.

Yes…This means that each time you send a love-filled thought to yourself, you send it to the collective human consciousness.

Take a breath, and take that in. Each time you heal anything at all for yourself…you are healing the whole. Just like each time you heal a physical aspect of your body, your entire body benefits. Take a cut on your hand, for instance: As that cut becomes nourished, and healed, the throbbing and attention that it took from other parts of you goes away. Your whole body gets to go back to being well, all around.

You see, you are one cell in the body of God. You are a beautiful aspect of God.

Can you get that? Can you really really breathe that in, right now, in this moment? God created everything–all of it. So how can you NOT be God? How can the dog and cat and plant and chair in your home not be an aspect of God? God created all that is. It began with something we call the Big Bang. And all that got created was OF God. It was FROM God. It WAS God. And it was good. It came as a breath of life, a breath of light in the cosmos.

So, if you are a cell in this vast body, then imagine–even if you never do another thing but focus on bringing light into your own self…you are healing not only yourself, contributing to your own well-being…but also, to the well-being of humankind. Can you breathe that in? Do, please! It is all the more reason to take good care of yourself!

Many of us do very much want to be of service here on Earth. We want to help others. We want to create a shift. Myself included! But time and again, we hear from the Angel realm through channeling and messages, that even if we don’t actively ‘serve’ in the way that we are typically thinking of service–if we just simply endeavor each day to learn, to expand, to heal, to look in the mirror and love ourselves, to grow on our own ascension paths…then THAT will be enough. It really will.

Isn’t that a tremendous relief? Doesn’t that bring lightness to your being?

So step out one more time for yourself. Show yourself the love, the compassion, the forgiveness, the grace that YOU need in this moment. And then, notice what you notice. Feel that you have benefitted your Soul. And know, in a place deep, deep down inside, that you have also benefited the collective human consciousness. It awakens, it breathes and feels new life, one thought at a time. Each time one of us makes a conscious decision to do something in a new way, to treat someone differently, to catch ourselves in an act of self-degradation and turn to love for ourselves instead…THAT, friends, is how the world will heal, and we will expand to new levels, together.


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