Healing Our Past, and Contributing to the Whole


Sometimes during an Akashic Records healing session, a client I am working with and I are brought to a phenomenal awareness that an issue in today’s experiences is being caused by unhealed circumstances that have arisen in a past life.

When this happens, it always makes perfect sense to us both. We are given the gift of seeing the circumstances, an understanding that is manifesting itself in some way in the client’s current life or physical health, and, the opportunity to heal the wound in order to move on.

It is fascinating. I am continuously astounded by the level of physical suffering caused in today’s environment by karmic wounds carried from years or even centuries ago.

But then, when you really think about it, have a deep look at the long history of humankind. Recall the wars, the rape, the pillaging, the ferocious ways humans have treated each other, century after century.

Would we really think that could occur without consequence? Energetically speaking, everything is stored in our collective ‘memory.’ It then makes perfect sense that there should be a need to come to terms with these collective events, to heal old wounds, to forgive ourselves and others, to clear the residue of eons of war, anger, and fear-mongering.

Take, for instance, the French Revolution. We know that 300,000 people were documented as arrested, and at least 40,000 were killed. 40,000. During a 10-month period. Imagine the ramifications of this. That many killed or imprisoned. How many children orphaned as a result? How many spouses left widowed? How many people witnessed day after day of blood-letting? How could that not have a lasting impact, an imprint, in our collective memory, our DNA, our soul records?

It does. And with Akashic healing, we are able to lift those old scabs out, bring them to light, forgive, shine light on them, and heal. It is incredibly powerful.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me for a free consultation.

If you’ve had memories of long ago and wondered if it impacts you today, or if you have symptoms that no traditional doctor can understand, then reach out. It could very well be an aspect of your Soul memory that is ready to shift to light, and I am available to guide you to your own return to harmony.

Reach out to schedule a free Discovery Call today!

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