Healing Our Past

I help people who are ready to heal some of their deepest, core wounds. It is pure joy to be able to work in this way, guiding an energetic, healing shift through their soul’s Akashic Records.

To do this, we enter into a beautiful, meditative state together, and call in the highest divine light to offer guidance, support, and understanding.

If you’re curious about how this works, reach out to me! We can discuss your unique pain, symptoms, and what seems to be holding you back. Through this journey, we uncover fascinating insights, and clients are able to move forward into new ways to be.

Some of our biggest soul wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, can be so deep that they continue to cause pain over several lifetimes. It is interesting that we carry such karmic ‘imprints’ over so much time, because either we have not been ready to heal them, or, we simply have not had access to the gifts we have today.

If you have symptoms, illness, or even a knowing that you are carrying something very deep, if no doctor has been able to diagnose a ‘condition’ you have, then please reach out. We can discuss your dis-ease over the phone, and through the conversation, you will know if you have been guided to the right place. If so, we will set up a healing session (by phone or in person) and you will be on a new, unique healing journey for this time.

Discover the key to heal wounds that sometimes span generations. Reach out to arrange a complementary Discovery Call today!



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