Reiki in Daily Life

Reiki in Daily Life

One of the things I love about my work is introducing people new to energy healing to the positive benefits and real things we can do with it.

The thing is, we are ALL energy. Every single thing is energy. Every object, being, plant, rock. Everything.

And so why would we not tend to that aspect of ourselves? Why would we not consider it just as important as taking care of our heart health, or getting mammograms, or brushing our teeth to keep them clean?

I believe that someday, we all will do this–we’ll all have regular practices to re-harmonize our energetic bodies as we awaken for the day, as we move through our day, and as we encounter situations in our day that sometimes throw us off.

This is exactly how I use Reiki in my daily life, and how I like to teach others to use it.

This weekend, as I taught the second class to new students who had become attuned last month, they shared some of the ways they had benefited from the energy. Everyone had a unique story. One woman had really become much more grounded and felt Reiki was helping her to calm. Another had had a persistent sore leg, and for the past three days had had no pain! Another had used Reiki to help calm her grandson and put him back to sleep at 3am. And another had used it for heartburn, and said that it worked far better than any antacid or anything else she uses.

It’s amazing! There are so many ways we can call upon healing, beneficial energy. Why wouldn’t every household have someone with this knowledge? Perhaps one day, we will!

Reiki comes from Source. It is a gift–just as the sun shines upon the land and gives our plants what they need to thrive, there are energies that we can call on to help our bodies, minds, and spirits stay healthy and thrive.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more or experience how Reiki can benefit you!



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