Intuitive Planting

I’ve had a hard time with several succulent plants that I purchased this spring at Denver’s Botanic Gardens. I have not raised succulents before, and it turns out they definitely have needs that are quite different from my other plants. I have wondered what to do, and done some research. I had kept them in our kitchen for a time, however it is far too dark for succulents, and they really suffered. But I also know that too much sunlight is not appropriate, either.

Today, I embarked on a path to get them to a place where they will thrive. I had thought that would be outside.

What made this planting experience different from others is that I called in my spirit guidance system. I have plant-loving fairy energies that work with me, and this is the absolutely perfect project on which to work with them.

I gathered the plants first, and took them to a place in our yard where I had assumed they might thrive. I sat down mindfully, and called in Reiki energies, and my guides. After some time, I began to receive the message that this place would not be appropriate because of both water and sun, and winter conditions. And then I was reminded that we do have a space on our second floor that receives bright sunlight all day long.

I’m not sure why I had not thought of this before. I know that I had not asked specifically what these plants needed before, in this manner.

What made it more fun was that I was also shown that they would like and benefit from crystals, so calling on my guidance system, I felt in to each plant and selected a quartz crystal to live with it. They will support each other in beautiful flow–that is clear.

So here’s to every one of them getting what they need now–just the right sun and water and abundant loving energy flow!

Namaste šŸ™‚

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