When Our Bodies Are Knocking, Are We Listening?

When Our Bodies Are Knocking, Are We Listening?

My deep soul dive into the world of healing began with a spiritual awakening 10+years ago that was greatly facilitated by yoga, meditation, and a Twelve Step program called Al Anon, for friends and family of alcoholics. This work propelled me to a place I had never been before in this lifetime, and it has never stopped.

The practices of going within to find my answers were taken to new levels when my body knocked. This story is not about the disease itself or the many things it has taught me, but rather the process of knowing:

In 2013 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I was becoming a certified yoga teacher through an intensive program in Washington, D.C. I had already gone through many challenges and learning opportunities, and this was sweet reward for the knowing that I wanted to deepen my mind/body/spirit connection.

In the weeks leading up to my diagnosis, I had begun to have extreme pain in my chest on the right side–so much so that it often woke me up at night. I remember telling a co-worker about it. It was in the chest muscle or chest wall–definitely feeling like muscle pain. I had remembered that during one intensive yoga class, while doing side plank, I had felt a distinct pull, as if a thread in my chest popped. It was not excruciating, but very notable–like something broke. The pain worsened to the point where I was taking ibuprofen, and so I decided to seek answers.

My wonderful physician’s assistant had supported me through lots of issues, and so I went back to her, and she did an exam. Neither of us could feel any sort of mass, and she told me that usually cancer does not hurt–but just in case, she advised me to get a mammogram, so I scheduled one a few days later, as the pain intensified. The day of the mammogram, I was in a lot of pain. I opted for the 3-D version of the screening, and lo and behold, it showed a mass, far back by my pectoral muscle, barely visible. We went ahead and did a biopsy, and the next day, I was called with the result: stage 0 breast cancer. The pain never came back after the day I got the test.

I tell this story to highlight the fact that my body knocked. In fact, knocking was not enough, and so it began to pound on the door to wake me up–literally and physically. What if I had not listened? What if I had just continued to self-medicate with pain killers until I needed something stronger? What if I had not decided to take care of myself and seek help?

As my story goes, cancer was a big one of my life lessons–a genuine wake-up call from my heart to tend to some very much more pressing areas where I had let myself go, and had not taken good care. That’s a whole other story.

I share this because so often, our bodies talk to us. Sometimes, they scream.

Often I work with clients who come to me for physical symptoms, and when we psychically enter into their soul records, it turns out they are in need of addressing and healing from some kind of deep soul wound. More often than not, they are in need of releasing something that has had a great hold on them, sometimes from their past–and sometimes, from a past lifetime.

Often, they are experiencing symptoms for which modern medicine just has not been able to find a cause. This is not the fault of modern medicine as much as our resistance to waking up to the realization that we are so much bigger and more complex than modern medicine acknowledges. We are a physical body, AND emotional, energetic, and causal bodies. AND, of course, we are a great big soul living within this body. And that soul has been through many things in this life and in past lives. Often, it is in need of assistance from someone who can see and perceive pain and trauma on an energetic level, and help it to heal.

This is the skill I have learned to cultivate since my very initial spiritual awakening many years ago. I have become adept at guiding clients to the places where deep soul wounds lie, so that they can be identified, acknowledged, and healed in a holistic way.

Is your body sending signals to which you need to listen? Do you have a persistent illness or situation that you have not been able to figure out?

Please reach out to me to arrange a complimentary discovery session where we can intuit together what your body and soul are asking for. If your body knocks, please answer!!



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