Yoga = Spiritual Connection

This is a photo of me taken in the Chapel of our beautiful church, St. Luke’s United Methodist in Highlands Ranch, where I get to teach yoga. I am grateful for the openness we have now to blend Eastern teaching and practices with our own. It is a true gift.

And this leads me to share a little story about my yoga journey:

I am many aspects: A woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a healer. And, I am a yoga teacher. Yoga found me right when I needed it.

I remember very vividly the Wednesday morning over a decade ago when I lay in savasana after a beautiful and intense ashtanga vinyasa class, and it came to me: This, I need. This serves me. This is part of my path to healing.

I saw in my vision very clearly four distinct things I needed at that moment in time: Yoga; My Family and Friends; A Spiritual Practice; and, God. It was laid out as a grid, in four side-by-side boxes. Those four things.

At the time I was working and raising our young daughters and I was able to squeeze in one yoga class on Wednesday mornings, and I did, faithfully, because it made me feel so good.

In some of those classes, I had profound experiences and insights. I released. I loosened my grip on myself and my life. I began to breathe, at long last, in a way that I had not breathed since I was younger, before I had children and the responsibilities of a family…and, in my story, a dysfunctional marriage that grew more dysfunctional as stress built.

Yoga found me when I needed it most. My teacher, Jen, had such a profoundly calming influence on me that I needed right at that time. I needed to let in the wisdom she found and shared. It was so much sharing about what was going on in her journey, that resonated with me on mine. That’s because we find each other when we need to. We need to hear each other’s stories. That’s why we’re here. To experience and live our own stories, and then to share them, and help each other out, and create more stories. It’s a beautiful, communal cycle.

Of course much of it happens internally, just for us. And much of it happens even in the very sharing of our stories and our lives and our authentic selves. There’s glistening energetic shifts in the sharing that happens between us. It’s pure magic.

Now I am a teacher, and share stories, and encourage my clients to share theirs. There’s no beginning, and no end. There is a beautiful journey, Divinely guided, and when we let in the light for ourselves, we see a little more clearly, day by day. That’s how I see it.

And yoga — the word means to ‘yoke’ the mind, body, and spirit — helps us get into ourselves so that we shine light in there, and explore, and release, and bring in, and heal.

One of my Spirit guides with whom I work closely is Paramahansa Yogananda. He wrote “Autobiography of a Yogi.” He brought yoga to America. I am so grateful to him for that gift to us, and for his continued service and support.

And I am grateful for each of my yoga teachers along this way. Each has shared a piece of her or his journey, to add to mine. What a beautiful circle of giving it is.


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