How Did Leonardo da Vinci Use Intuition?

Sometimes I like to talk about the ‘Why’ in all of this Soul talk. Why do we want to connect with our Spirit? Why do we need to? What is the benefit?
Last night at dinner with my family, I was reminded of one of my big personal ‘whys’ (if that’s a word :).
My oldest daughter is in high school and is learning much about the world. Much of it is scary to her, because they learn about the state of the planet, resources, climate change, health, etc., and naturally it comes from a place of some scarcity, and fear. She and her friends discuss this with each other, and they are scared. I used to be very afraid of that, too, until I shifted my perceptions to something much more in alignment with truth, for me.
I said to her what I believe, through this example I like to share:
In the 1400s and 1500s, Leonardo da Vinci lived here on earth and brought forth one of the most amazing arrays of art and inventions that humankind has ever seen. I have seen the museum display of his work in Kansas City.
He brought forth ball bearings; A flying machine; A parachute; A submarine vessel; Many war machines; A helicopter; And so much more. I like to say he ‘brought them forth’ rather than he ‘invented’ them, because I believe that he was an open channel, an open vessel for knowledge coming from a place so much higher and so much more connected than just his own brain. When I walked through the museum exhibit, I just felt that with everything I knew. He could visualize every aspect of these incredible machines with perfect clarity–and they worked–given the materials and abilities available at the time.
And so I said to my daughter that the way I handle the fear is that instead, I hold space that humanity will come around to allow and open to exactly what we need to make this planet heaven on earth. There are children growing up now who will access the insight needed to help it heal even more than my generation can, to create systems to help clean our oceans, to figure out a stable food supply…all of that, and more that we don’t even yet know is possible.
And that is precisely the very motivation I have for helping people, including our children, to connect to their higher selves, and to the realm of Divine beings just waiting for them to ask for help. It is coming. I know it and feel it and see it, and my beloved guides encourage me to share this. And the more of us who awaken to this as a possibility, the more quickly it will become a reality.
So, that’s one of my ‘whys’. One of the bigger ones. It is related to the theme in a book that I am reading with a group at my church called, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.”
As we work through our own personal issues and gain understanding, we contribute to these much greater callings. It’s beautiful.
What is your Soul waiting to share through you? Please share insights!
~And send me a message if you are ready to unlock your intuitive guidance system!~
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[Note: Opinions expressed are purely the author’s own. No scientific evidence has been given to prove this theory….just yet 🙂  ]

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