Lightness of BEing! An Intuition and Soul Alignment Bootcamp

This is my signature 10-Week deep dive that assists you in your personal transformation.

It is designed for individuals who crave a deeper connection to your own soul and intuition, the angelic realm, and your personal guides. It will help you to heal, and to overcome your deepest blocks to being yourself–in Oneness, in alignment.

The program takes you on a journey of introspection and deep healing to understand blockages and what has kept you in darkness, or anxiety, or fear for too long. It also assists with your own soul ascension path, and is a wonderful introduction–with energetic attunements and clearings–to tools, practices, and wisdom from the world’s oldest traditions.

The promises of the program are:

  • In-depth teaching to help you develop your intuition and use it in daily life, work, creativity & play
  • Individual Deep Healing Sessions: Releasing Blocks, and the Fears that Bind You
  • Unlocking and Understanding your unique Intuition Channel and Senses

In this course you will:

  • Learn about chakras & feeling
  • Learn how to harness and use healing energy
  • Heal old fears and traumas
  • Unlock your own intuitive guidance system and learn how to use it
  • Learn how to connect and work with your personal guides and receive personal messages
  • Receive channeled angelic guidance 
  • Learn how to use cards to receive information and guidance
  • Raise your vibration and your divine, spiritual connection
  • Find the space and inspiration you need to create an exciting, colorful path forward, and to know your truth and the light and love that you came here to be.


“We’re here to help!!” —Your Guides

Reach out to me to arrange a free 30-minute discovery call to talk about your interests, what holds you back, and how you can step into the life your soul knows you want.

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