everything you want is on the other side of fear


“False Evidence Appearing Real.”

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — FDR

I find so often in my work with clients that fear is such a driver. It drives us insane. It drives us crazy. It drives us to dark places. Often, we do it because things have happened in our lives that we are scared of repeating or having repeated. We scarcely recognize how much control we really have, because we allow fear to drive our sacred vehicles.

I used to have no idea of the power I could harness in my own brain, heart, and spirit. Nobody teaches these things to us in school.

I went through a terribly dark time where I felt powerless completely–mostly due to the devastation caused by certain men in my life and very harmful relationships with them. I let all of my power go, and I had no idea why.

But thankfully, I got to work searching, and I dug, and I realized that there is a strength in me that is so strong, that nothing–and nobody–externally can squelch it.

It’s the same for you. The problem is that we just haven’t been taught this yet. But now, these are the lessons and wisdom that I am blessed to share and teach. Along with totally practical tools.

Are you ready to find a different driver of your sacred vehicle? If you’re ready to be free from the fears of being yourself, of speaking up, of knowing who you are, of being able to get the answers you need, then my 10 week Intuition Bootcamp may be right for you at just this time. It’s for people ready to engage in dialogue and get clear on blocks, and to learn what your very personalized intuitive gifts are that can serve you for a lifetime. It’s called ‘Unlocking’ because that’s what we do. We unlock the sacred spark in you, and the sacred gifts just waiting to shine.

Set up a free discovery call if you are ready to learn more.



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