How We FEEL The Realm of Spirit

Good morning, beautiful souls! I love conversations about experiences with our angels!  Love love love! Angels are in so many forms, so many purposes, all beautiful and here for us.
I feel called to share one of many blessed encounters I have had, because at that time, it was a FEELing. I am a big feeler (empath, clairsentient…call it all what you like…we all have these wirings in our being and you feel a LOT whether you know why or how or not.) And, it has been quite a journey to understand and navigate in this world of see/hear/think 3D we live in.
Feelings truly are our guides. Feelings are the ENERGY of emotion and consciousness. They guide us. They navigate us, if we allow them.
One of my most profound experiences in learning how all of this works was several years ago during an attunement in an energy healing class. I actually FELT the biggest, strongest bear hug I could imagine from the Spirit realm. As if it were real. It WAS real. But it was as if a human was right there.
It was one of my beloved Guides saying hello, saying, “I am here, don’t you ever forget.” That is why it had to be so strong. So I would know it was real. And it was not until discussion and processing afterwards that I realized that it truly was Jesus. Now I refer to him as Jeshua. A powerful flow of knowing rolled through me like a waterfall when I got that. It was a cracking open of something that I “knew” was there….but didn’t really KNOW in this way because I had not experienced it. And this was a very Make-No-Mistake-About-This…I Am Here confirmation.
I have learned through many beautiful experiences, and communicate openly now with all of my Guides. And, it is my honor to teach others who find themselves on this journey of opening and awakening.
~~If you find yourself curious about your own opening to the world of Spirit, reach out to me and let’s talk and see how I can help you. Click this link and we will connect. I invite you to set up a free phone call to discuss where you are, where you are stuck, and see what we can do about it.~~

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