Reiki: “Spiritually guided healing energy”

Reiki: “Spiritually guided healing energy”

Are you familiar with Reiki? Do you use it? How? We love stories!

A very big part of my spiritual awakening has been a loving journey with Reiki. In fact it’s one of the key tools that I use to keep me grounded and in harmony. Reiki clears our path, keeps our chakras in harmony, and helps us connect with angels and see our way the more we call it in. With Reiki we can heal anything. The primary way it heals is by reducing stress (the cause of over 90% of our ailments.) I believe one day, we will all use a modality like Reiki to manage our energy, just as we brush our teeth every day.

My path was circuitous though in terms of using it for others before I really used it to my own great advantage. It’s almost as though I had to go out and use it with and for other people in order to understand how it is so profoundly transformative. It is what I have used to develop my own ability to become a clear channel connected to Source and the All That Is.

Reiki always calls to us and finds us when we are ready, if it’s part of our soul path. It’s funny that way, but that’s the case for everyone who joins my classes and tells their stories of why they’re there.

When I first began to open to healing energy, I was mostly focused on ‘helping’ other people. But as years go by and I look back, I realize that all the while, Reiki was working with me, and through me, and teaching me what *I* needed on my path. And in truth, that’s really our job in this whole project of evolution of Spirit. It’s all a beautiful circle.

My journey had to be like this because I probably would not have invested what I did in learning the tools and skills if I had thought it would be ‘just for me.’ That was my mentality back then. There were all sorts of worthiness issues back then.

Now I see so clearly that investment my spiritual growth is so necessary and is one of the best gifts I can possibly give myself in this lifetime. The feeling of lightness and the clarity, knowing, and deepening connection with Source is simply the heaven on earth that I have been seeking–and that I know I am part of creating, for myself first, and then for my family, and others.

Even if you are not formally trained or ‘attuned’ to Reiki, there are myriad ways to manage your energy and how you feel. One simple technique to calm and ground is to do this:

Rub your hands together, and, standing in a comfortable pose like Mountain pose, place your warmed hands on your belly as you take several deep, slow breaths in and out. As you breathe and focus on your belly and your diaphragm, your body is immediately triggered to relax. It’s one of the quickest ways to calm yourself. Add to this a visualization of growing beautiful roots from your feet down through the Earth to her center–the heart of Gaia, wrapping them gently around, and asking for calming, grounding energy.

You can do this anywhere–and I ground often throughout my day.

~~And, do you seek to invest in your path? To create your own practices, learn energy work, get clear, and step up the pace of your expansion? If so, Click this link and we will connect. I invite you to set up a free phone call to discuss what you are looking for and if my coaching/healing program is a fit for you at this time. It’s available to all who are ready!! ~~



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