Reiki Classes: Levels I and II

I teach ‘Reiki in Daily Life’ to empower students to cultivate their own awareness, understanding of feelings, intuition, and innate healing abilities.

I offer two options for Reiki Levels I and II, as well as customized classes for advanced, teaching, and Karuna Reiki–the Reiki of Compassion. This is a ‘mastery’ level course offered less frequently.

Both beginner classes I and II are comprised of approximately 8 hours of study each, divided into a combination of in-person or online live classes and video lessons:

Reiki I

Level I is Reiki for self empowerment. I teach the background and history of Reiki energy healing, and all about how you can harness this powerful system and embrace tools and practices in your daily life, which can include Reiki for:

  • Deep healing of the root causes of emotional suffering
  • Physical healing for symptoms like pain, inflammation, chronic illness, etc.
  • Calling peaceful energy into your home for clearing and balancing space
  • Chakra harmonization
  • Opening of your unique system of intuition
  • Assisting friends and family with various illnesses and life situations
  • Cultivating an energy balancing and meditative/grounding practice – for daily routine/ritual
  • Pets! They LOVE healing energy!
  • Plants, food, rooms…
  • And more!

Reiki II

Level II teaches about using Reiki energy in new ways, including with other people. After Reiki II, with practice, practitioners can begin to offer services to clients and others. Level II specializes in energy healing for:

  • Deeper physical and emotional healing
  • Sending healing energy long distance to others
  • Use of Reiki for ‘projects’ within home and work – i.e. mindful intention and calling in the light to work with you for your highest good
  • Cultivating deeper understanding and use of intuition
  • Meeting your Divine Reiki Guides and beginning to work with their loving presence
  • Working with others as a practitioner*

*To truly begin a journey of service to others, you will want to consider additional training and practice. These two workshops and the course materials get you started…but the real work is in the stepping out and finding people to practice with, and becoming comfortable working one-on-one. Customized sessions available for this as well!

Read more about Reiki in Daily Life in this blog post 

Questions about my next classes and schedules? Please send me an email at suzrainey at or schedule a free 30-minute call to chat.

I teach people to connect more fully to their intuition, to their angel guides, and to harness and align with their innate, soul powers–so if this deeper connection also calls to you, let’s talk!

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