I Am Free.

Freedom Is Yours. Claim It.

In 9th grade I won an essay contest sponsored by the local Rotary Club. My prize was $50 and the opportunity to read my essay in front of the group of men who seemed lots older than my dad. That essay was all about the kind of freedom that is represented by the American flag and the symbols that our country is built upon. I am remembering all of that today.

For many years, I have been on a new quest for freedom, and as I have moved through my own dark and also light nights of the soul, through life shifts like breast cancer, separation, and then divorce, I realize that fundamentally, our quest often is about one thing: freedom. But Spirit has been teaching me to remember that actually, it’s time to embrace and remember that I already am free. Because I am free, I get to be here, I get to do the work and healing I do. I get to experience this magical life.

Our souls are these expansive expressions of light that know no bounds, and that play on a field of unlimited potential and exploration known as the Universe. I don’t even know what the Universe really is, but I know it to be a magnificent place expansion.

And so as I have muddled my way through adulthood, from becoming a wife, to a mother, to a corporate business woman, and now a healer, one theme that I see clearly about my own journey is that all along, I have been seeking freedom. There are many kinds of freedom: political, economic, sexual, thought, career, and so much more.

But what kind of freedom does the Soul seek? Ah…now that’s what I’m talking about. My Soul has pushed me on this quest because it knows there is an expansiveness possible that even today I cannot see entirely. And in this age of ascension and lightening up, it is the Soul that so dearly wants us to be expressed in the truest form of freedom. This is the freedom to remember ourselves, to BE ourselves, to liberate our thinking from lack and self deprecation to Divine Love and opportunity.

And yet, so many things have kept me from believing or knowing or even being able to fathom that I am free. Money often is one of our biggest setbacks. How can we think we are free if we think we do not have enough, for instance? Fear that I am not good enough at this or that is another. How can I feel free if I feel like there is still so much more to do or learn or prove?

Those are the things that I have healed, and that I help others see and heal. They come in the forms of archaic belief systems to actual energetic baggage to traumas that have plagued our family lines for generations. And while those blocks are real, they also are not. It is our mind, our ego, our wounded self that believes and is dragged down by the past, and that condemns us to repeat illogical ways over and over again.

So my question to you is: What does your majestic, heavenly Soul want you to know? I would venture to say that she or he wants you to know you are already free. It just doesn’t necessarily seem that way. She wants you to know how deeply you are loved by the Divine that created you and creates all. She wants you to know you are free to be yourself in this time and place, and that it is safe to drop all of the illusions telling you you are not worthy, or good enough, or pretty enough, or loved enough.

That’s what I would venture to say, based upon my own path of connecting and integrating my deep soul truths. But your truths are for you to reveal! Where does your truth lie? What is your #Truth? You are your own heavenly expression, so you will know, if you do not already!

Spend time with your soul. Spend time with Spirit. Play the game. As one of my dearest soul sisters reminds me always, the Truth will set you free.

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