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Suzanne Rainey, Energy Healer and Channel

Welcome! I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Reader, & Spiritual Guide. I work with clients who are intent to know themselves deeply, to be true to their hearts’ callings, and to heal in deep ways. I love to teach the ways of energy and heart/soul connection, intuitive awareness, and the beautiful co-creation magic that happens when they connect with their incredibly loving angelic guides.

For some, this includes journeys to heal from chronic issues like illness, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms.

For others, it manifests as a need to heal deep wounds from relationships with others, and even more often, with themselves.

I help clients understand what is going on, why things have happened, why symptoms have arisen in their bodies, and more, so that they can see, heal, and move forward with levity.

In short, most of my work involves helping people get un-stuck. Un-stuck from the same old repeating patterns; Un-stuck from old relationships; Un-stuck and able to see clearly a way forward, whether in work, or personal growth, or with family or children.

Many of my clients experience deep past life healing. Each of us typically carries a few wounds from traumas related past lives that ended traumatically or with core issues left unresolved. It is astonishing for clients to uncover such old causes related to situations going on currently in their lives, and it is a joy to assist them in this liberation and deep karmic healing. I also work with children. Sometimes children experiencing deep, chronic fear, repeating nightmares, or seemingly irrational fears have energetic blocks that can  be healed with my techniques. (I am NOT a therapist, or do I make ANY therapeutic claims; I work with individuals willing to seek answers within themselves and through deeply grounded spiritual connections.)

Along with deep individual healing work, I teach. Here are the classes that I currently offer:

Reiki as a Healing Art for in Daily Life. Whether you wish to learn the practice of Reiki to enhance your healing skills, to become a healer, or to utilize as a practice for expanding your intuition and your connection with All That Is, Reiki is for you. I teach from all of these perspectives, and love to bring the gifts and tradition of this art to students at all levels. I teach the following courses, all of which come with manuals, and certifications:

  • Reiki in Daily Life (An online experience to certify in Reiki Level I and II combined with in person sessions and weekly group calls.)
  • Reiki I and II, classes taught in my Denver office
  • Advanced Reiki and Master Teacher Training
  • Karuna Reiki, the Reiki of Compassion

Illuminate Your True Self ~ An Intuition and Healing Program. My signature 6-month journey takes individuals on a deep dive to open to and understand their own intuition and healing gifts, as well as the realm of Angels, guides, and loved ones we work with. This course includes:

  • Intensive one-on-one healing sessions to reveal what’s currently needed.
  • Weekly group coaching calls.
  • Weekly deep-dive lessons on intuition, chakras, Spirit Guides, healing energy, manifesting, archetypes, soul truths, meditation & other daily practices, and much more.
  • Access to me throughout the journey for insight and assistance.
  • Channeling of guidance for each individual, and learning to channel your own intuitive messages.
  • And more!

Learn More

Spirit Guides 101. We all have spirit guides! I teach people what this means, and how to nurture practices to open to these beautiful relationships

Intuition Guidance. We all have the ability to cultivate and strengthen deep connections within ourselves, and to our higher selves and our keen senses of knowing. I teach classes designed to allow for more opening to your own internal clair senses, and your own ways to understand and perceive messages from Spirit.

About my Healing Work:

When our energy, body, and emotions become unbalanced, we are susceptible to dis-ease on many levels. This manifests in many physical ways, including pain, blockages, tumors, anxiety, depression, and more. 

I help clear old patterns and restore balance and integration of body, mind, and spirit. Our bodies are powerful systems that work really well when we harmonize and tune in with our natural healing abilities.

This work is guided to help you to remember your true self, and to reclaim your happy, joyful, whole self. It’s there! Sometimes, you just need a little help remembering that, and that’s why I’m here.

I have a special focus on working with women who are also juggling life’s many challenges. I support them in the delicate balance of work, wellness, parenting, relationship with themselves, and marriage. If you’re suffering in a relationship that is causing pain, anxiety, fear, loss of sleep, trouble at work, etc., please reach out to see if we’re a match. We can discuss how our work together will reinvigorate your spark and help you on a path to peace and joy again.

I look forward to connecting with you!

~ Maisy Rose

Interested in learning more? I’d love to connect. I offer free 30-minute discovery calls to discuss what you’re seeking and help you know if we’re a good match. Much of my work is done over the phone and internet, or in my office in Denver.

Book A Discovery Call Now!

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Professional Credentials:

  • Certified Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, International Center for Reiki Training (www.ICRT.org)
  • Certified Akashic Records Reader/Healer
  • Healer of The Order of Magdalene
  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and International Studies, Washington University in St. Louis

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