Healing Childhood Trauma – A Sacred Journey with Spirit

The Bountiful Wholeness of You

As humans, we have zillions of experiences throughout our lives. This I know. I just didn’t always look at them as *experiences*. We have limitless choice, we have ups and downs, and we always have opportunities for refinement, do-overs, and sometimes, healing.

One of the experiences I have come to deeply understand through personal experience and working with others is the affect of childhood trauma on our adult Selves. Indeed it can be any generalized trauma, but trauma experienced in childhood has lifelong impact on things that sometimes we don’t even realize for years or decades, until we have the opportunity to see within ourselves.

When a child experiences trauma such as physical abuse, neglect, incest or rape, abandonment, etc., one of the coping mechanisms is to compartmentalize and literally cut herself off from the traumatic actions, people, situations and experiences. It is one of our most powerful survival tactics. Children are magnificent and powerful in this way when they need to be and thank goodness. This strength allows the developing person to go on living, making the best of what are sometimes terrible and painful situations, and at least get by. And often one’s biggest strengths are developed as a result as well.

But this disassociation can have a profound impact on the child’s life as he or she grows up. The traumatized, alone, afraid aspect of the child often remains emotionally and spiritually ‘stranded’ in that dark place. He or she attempts to grow, and does the best he or she can–often with phenomenal success–but often with a nagging empty hole, darkness, or trigger where this pain lives. Energetically, I see this as a fragmented aspect of the inner child that never gets to be part of the whole until integration happens.

This can heal. I have seen and experienced it many times. There are never guarantees–but the possibilities for healing are as real as one taking responsibility AND conscious action–with help. As one learns new skills of looking within, and becomes brave and adventurous enough to dive into underlying causes of things like anxiety, failed relationships, lack of intimacy, anger, shame, etc., a person can unravel the story and emerge in miraculous ways. Negative effects of trauma are often profound, but great peace can be attained through a systematic deep dive into oneself.

If you have experienced trauma and also experience a consistent sense of loss, anxiety, remaining stuck, etc., and if you know there is more to it all, including an ability to deeply connect to your spiritual Self, then reach out for assistance. I am happy to share with you a free 15-minute call to connect with you and help us both understand if my work, teaching, and program is a good fit for your healing and evolution as wonderful, peaceful, activated YOU.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist and do not claim any therapeutic expertise related to professional therapy in any way. I am an ordained minister, and I offer a unique framework and lens to provide healing through energetic and personal observation, in conjunction with Spirit. These methods are not yet proven scientifically and I make no claims. I offer assistance to those open to considering a different framework of reference and understanding and a deeply nurturing integration process. You alone are always responsible for your own health and healing. I offer assistance along the way. I would love to connect if this resonates.

I Am Free.

Freedom Is Yours. Claim It.

In 9th grade I won an essay contest sponsored by the local Rotary Club. My prize was $50 and the opportunity to read my essay in front of the group of men who seemed lots older than my dad. That essay was all about the kind of freedom that is represented by the American flag and the symbols that our country is built upon. I am remembering all of that today.

For many years, I have been on a new quest for freedom, and as I have moved through my own dark and also light nights of the soul, through life shifts like breast cancer, separation, and then divorce, I realize that fundamentally, our quest often is about one thing: freedom. But Spirit has been teaching me to remember that actually, it’s time to embrace and remember that I already am free. Because I am free, I get to be here, I get to do the work and healing I do. I get to experience this magical life.

Our souls are these expansive expressions of light that know no bounds, and that play on a field of unlimited potential and exploration known as the Universe. I don’t even know what the Universe really is, but I know it to be a magnificent place expansion.

And so as I have muddled my way through adulthood, from becoming a wife, to a mother, to a corporate business woman, and now a healer, one theme that I see clearly about my own journey is that all along, I have been seeking freedom. There are many kinds of freedom: political, economic, sexual, thought, career, and so much more.

But what kind of freedom does the Soul seek? Ah…now that’s what I’m talking about. My Soul has pushed me on this quest because it knows there is an expansiveness possible that even today I cannot see entirely. And in this age of ascension and lightening up, it is the Soul that so dearly wants us to be expressed in the truest form of freedom. This is the freedom to remember ourselves, to BE ourselves, to liberate our thinking from lack and self deprecation to Divine Love and opportunity.

And yet, so many things have kept me from believing or knowing or even being able to fathom that I am free. Money often is one of our biggest setbacks. How can we think we are free if we think we do not have enough, for instance? Fear that I am not good enough at this or that is another. How can I feel free if I feel like there is still so much more to do or learn or prove?

Those are the things that I have healed, and that I help others see and heal. They come in the forms of archaic belief systems to actual energetic baggage to traumas that have plagued our family lines for generations. And while those blocks are real, they also are not. It is our mind, our ego, our wounded self that believes and is dragged down by the past, and that condemns us to repeat illogical ways over and over again.

So my question to you is: What does your majestic, heavenly Soul want you to know? I would venture to say that she or he wants you to know you are already free. It just doesn’t necessarily seem that way. She wants you to know how deeply you are loved by the Divine that created you and creates all. She wants you to know you are free to be yourself in this time and place, and that it is safe to drop all of the illusions telling you you are not worthy, or good enough, or pretty enough, or loved enough.

That’s what I would venture to say, based upon my own path of connecting and integrating my deep soul truths. But your truths are for you to reveal! Where does your truth lie? What is your #Truth? You are your own heavenly expression, so you will know, if you do not already!

Spend time with your soul. Spend time with Spirit. Play the game. As one of my dearest soul sisters reminds me always, the Truth will set you free.

Instead of Boundaries, I Built Walls

InSTEAD of Boundaries, I Built Walls

I am an empath, and empaths can have a hard time of it because we feel a lot. I would go so far as to say most of us have a history of feeling way too much, and it makes it very hard to be free and clear in the world. We feel other people’s pain, we feel stress from a group or situation, we feel tired because people drain our energy if we don’t know how to manage that–if we allow that. Because we feel so much, we masterfully create lots of other ways to be in the world that we think are protecting us.

I have had a long healing journey as an empath. I found energy medicine because I always felt anxious, and I wanted a way out that was not Xanax. I learned to meditate and do yoga, but no amount of practice could keep me from feeling anxious day to day. So my feelings and anxiety led me to keep seeking, and one of the best tools I found was Reiki. But even that was a road of learning where I seemed to have tremendous inconsistencies that kept dragging me down because of the deeper issues that had built up.

But I did it, because I am a seeker, and I kept on my quest for the answers. What I was looking for was actually my Truth, but I didn’t know that at the time. In the process, I began to unravel. Many years of my life were spent unraveling myself from things I had been told, ways I was raised, beliefs I had taken on from other people or establishments, etc. And in that unravelling I have picked up a marvelous collection of beautiful truths and wisdom. I liken it to the amazing quest for sea glass on a New England shoreline. You know how it is when you’re seeking that treasure, and then you find a piece of sea glass? And then another? And then you wait for some more waves that bring a bit more clearing, and you find another? It’s been like that.

So one of the realizations along my way has been to see the depth and severity of one of my best coping mechanisms. I didn’t even really know it was there, but it was blocking the openness of my sacred heart in a profound way. I had built very intensive walls. Only they didn’t block other people’s vampiric energy, which was part of my intention. They only blocked the Divine. They blocked love. They blocked my ability to know myself, feel, receive…to allow IN Divine Love. I had blocked that which I so deeply craved. And I was really good at that.

One thing about empaths is that we are very good at creating what I call ‘work-arounds’ in life. Instead of hitting something straight on and dealing with it, I was very good at walking away, and thinking I was being helpful in doing so. But it turns out that ‘turn the other cheek’ does not mean walk away and ignore the problem. That is why so many of us end up in co-dependent or narcissistic relationships. I may have been helping the other person in a situation, but was I helping myself, at all? Each time we walk away, or cover our mouths, or hold our tongues, or look away, we deny ourselves most of all. And that is the behavior with which I built my wall, stone by ancient stone. I don’t blame myself, and there are deep soul reasons for all of this, but brothers and sisters, I had to heal.

I believe we are the creators (and creatrixes) of a paradigm shift for ourselves. Women are learning to stand on our own in our own holy truth. This is a process, and it takes time, work, a ton of compassion, and being open in order to evolve ourselves consciously. But that’s what we’re doing. And when we do speak up, when we do say yes to seeing clearly, when we do take care of ourselves and fuel that holy inner fire, when we do leave relationships that actually harm us, then magical things DO happen. I witness it daily with people I work with professionally, and for myself and my kids.

I believe we are called to this work, some of us, so that we can be free. Or rather so that we can remember that we are already free, and in our innate freedom, we have the power to say yes to ourselves, and then yes to creating the healthy boundaries that serve us and the highest good of all. We need this in order to stay clear.

You are the Queen, the Empress, the Emperor of your sacred domain. But you’re not here to live behind walls. You’re here to shine your glorious light.

If this resonates with you, if you know that on any level you have created a wall that no longer serves you, are you willing to say yes to allowing that to crumble once and for all? What courage will it take? What commitment? Are you ready? I believe you came here to know you are already free.

Seeking healing to shed the old ways, walls & chains that have been holding you back, and step into the life you most deeply desire? Do reach out to discuss my soul healing and mentoring program and we’ll see if you’re a good fit! Namaste, beautiful soul.

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Your Higher Self

I love this image from Ancient Egypt. It’s the Divine Feminine Goddess Isis and her son, Horus. Notice the intense connection with sacred symbols atop their heads. These symbols mean many things to many people. In the context of my work, they are symbols of the abundance of the higher self. Isis has a sun disc and bull horns atop her crown. One interpretation is that it represents her wide-open crown chakra and her higher self chakra, united.

This is what many people are now coming back into, in this time of ascension and awakening.

We are connecting deeply with the messages, understanding, and essence of our higher self and its innate, eternal wisdom.

We are bringing our higher self awareness into our hearts, into our bodies, into our awareness for the day-to-day.

We are activating consciousness like never before. And we are deepening our understanding of who we are, who we have been, and with that, who we want to be from this moment forward.

Often, my energy healing sessions include higher self clearings and activations. This helps people become unstuck and ready to deepen their knowing, and move forward in different pursuits.

If this type of activation calls to your heart a this time, then let’s talk and discuss how it works, remotely or in person:

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Angels In Daily Life

Do you know how much your angels love you and want the best for you? Do you know they have been with you forever and a day? Do you wish you knew what they were saying, or how to communicate with them? Do you have questions that only they can answer?

It’s true. It is real. And you CAN learn how to talk to your guides. You can receive the most insightful information you can imagine. You can learn to see and feel and hear them. You can receive downloads. You really can.

Angels leave signs: They leave you feathers, or coins, or you see repeating numbers. You hear little sounds or see flashes of light. You have what it takes to deepen this friendship, if you like.

If you know this to be true; If you wonder if it is so; If you’ve been told this and now want to learn…then let’s talk about activating your intuitive channel and moving the blocks out of the way. It’s totally possible! Get your angel talk on!

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Your Past Lives: A Doorway to You

When I work one-on-one with people, they are often on a quest for Truth, with a capital T. Our work is about the Truths of who they are. This is one of humankind’s deepest needs and desires.

As Oprah (one of my most favorite spiritual guides) says in one of her meditation lead-ins: One of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves is this: “Who Am I?” Deepak Chopra has guided her in this way–advising her to ask this question every single day.

And it’s a central theme song of one of my most favorite stories, Les Miserables. Jean Valjean opens the entire story asking this question: Who Am I?

In my work, I am often guided to share information about some of the past lives of my clients. And it is always incredibly powerful, and enlightening. Sometimes, information comes through because there is a need for deep insight, and then a healing that follows, which ends with very powerful liberation, and often a dramatic feeling of lightness.

And often, the past lives of power, of grace, of who we have been in the context of our most honorable soul truths are shown. This always comes at the perfect time–when one is grappling, and asking, and wondering why things are the way they are in his or her life.

I love my work. I love being able to use my gifts to share these incredibly deep insights–to help clients unwrap for themselves who they are, today, in 2019, but in the context of the experiences they have lived in other times. It’s fascinating, and it always resonates very deeply with the person with whom it is shared.

Do you wonder who you are? Do you seek answers to why you are certain ways, or why similar patterns in yourself, or your relationships, keep appearing? It’s no coincidence!

I would love to work with you. I would love to be a cosmic guide for a while on your journey within. I would love to help you shine a light on the mysteries and the beauty of the many facets of you, so that you can in turn take that deep wisdom and be your own light, your own Truth with a capital T.

Join my on a journey! If this resonates, let’s set up a call and discuss what you are seeking, and my deep dive program into YOU with a capital Y :).

Here’s to your Light! Here’s to your Truth!

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What Keeps You From Being All Lit Up?

Chakras This is You All Lit Up

When we are balanced, when we are in harmony, when we are in our flow….our body’s invisible yet very powerful central energy system looks like the rainbow in this image. The colors are the chakras. Chakras have been known to humans for thousands of years, and chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘energy wheel.’

When we are in flow, our full rainbow spectrum shines. We glow from the inside. We know what we want. We know who we are. We know our ‘why.’ And, we feel really really good.

So…if you’re feeling anything but this…then what do you do?

In my experience, you roll up your sleeves and ask some questions. You start to get clear on what you want, and for me, that often revolves around how I want to FEEL.

Energy care is central to this operation of our smoothly flowing systems. I like to call it energy hygiene. If I don’t take care of myself, and listen to my body, and give it what it needs every single day…then I do not light up like I want to. And now that I know what that feels like, why would I want anything else??

If you’re curious about tools to help you feel and be all lit up from the INSIDE, then reach out. Let’s talk about practices and tools and classes that I offer to get you from stuck–or feeling anything other than optimal–to the place of joy and freedom that you came here to experience.

Set up a free 30 minute call if this resonates! Let’s chat and see how we can get you from stuck, to FLOW.

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