Stand in Your Power: Reiki In Daily Life, an Online Course

Reiki heals. Always.

Reiki flows through you, now.

Reiki surrounds you. It is yours to use.

And yet, are you aware?

We have at our fingertips access to the most pure, divine light available to humans. It has always been here, and its strength grows and grows the more we call upon it.

It’s literally a phone call away. And, when it calls to us, when we are ready, we pick up the phone, and dial the number.

Reiki is energy. It is frequency. It is the vibration of love.

It boosts our immune system and our bodies. It clears us of the past we are ready to leave behind. It helps us to ground, to center, to open, to awaken. It helps us to heal in incredibly profound ways–when we ask, when we are ready.

I have been witness to the healing of profoundly devastating disease. I have seen miracles of spirit, and I am honored to witness spirit in action daily. When one of us says YES to awakening, to learning, to digging in, to healing, to growing…that is when magic happens.

Do you have something from which you wish to heal?

Is there something you have not been able to address, or figure out?

Do you seek to find more magic in your life?

Are you a leader, seeking new ways to stand in your own powerful truth?

Do you meditate, and seek to deepen your ability to ground and connect with your higher self, and Source?

Do you have people in your life you feel called to be able to support in a new way?

Do you feel disempowered, and a desire to step into your true, authentic nature you KNOW is there?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then let’s talk. Set up a free phone call to discuss your path, and we’ll see if taking this online course, and receiving live guidance, intuitive messages, and healing is what you know you need at this time.

I look forward to connecting and having that discussion!

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Yoga = Spiritual Connection

This is a photo of me taken in the Chapel of our beautiful church, St. Luke’s United Methodist in Highlands Ranch, where I get to teach yoga. I am grateful for the openness we have now to blend Eastern teaching and practices with our own. It is a true gift.

And this leads me to share a little story about my yoga journey:

I am many aspects: A woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a healer. And, I am a yoga teacher. Yoga found me right when I needed it.

I remember very vividly the Wednesday morning over a decade ago when I lay in savasana after a beautiful and intense ashtanga vinyasa class, and it came to me: This, I need. This serves me. This is part of my path to healing.

I saw in my vision very clearly four distinct things I needed at that moment in time: Yoga; My Family and Friends; A Spiritual Practice; and, God. It was laid out as a grid, in four side-by-side boxes. Those four things.

At the time I was working and raising our young daughters and I was able to squeeze in one yoga class on Wednesday mornings, and I did, faithfully, because it made me feel so good.

In some of those classes, I had profound experiences and insights. I released. I loosened my grip on myself and my life. I began to breathe, at long last, in a way that I had not breathed since I was younger, before I had children and the responsibilities of a family…and, in my story, a dysfunctional marriage that grew more dysfunctional as stress built.

Yoga found me when I needed it most. My teacher, Jen, had such a profoundly calming influence on me that I needed right at that time. I needed to let in the wisdom she found and shared. It was so much sharing about what was going on in her journey, that resonated with me on mine. That’s because we find each other when we need to. We need to hear each other’s stories. That’s why we’re here. To experience and live our own stories, and then to share them, and help each other out, and create more stories. It’s a beautiful, communal cycle.

Of course much of it happens internally, just for us. And much of it happens even in the very sharing of our stories and our lives and our authentic selves. There’s glistening energetic shifts in the sharing that happens between us. It’s pure magic.

Now I am a teacher, and share stories, and encourage my clients to share theirs. There’s no beginning, and no end. There is a beautiful journey, Divinely guided, and when we let in the light for ourselves, we see a little more clearly, day by day. That’s how I see it.

And yoga — the word means to ‘yoke’ the mind, body, and spirit — helps us get into ourselves so that we shine light in there, and explore, and release, and bring in, and heal.

One of my Spirit guides with whom I work closely is Paramahansa Yogananda. He wrote “Autobiography of a Yogi.” He brought yoga to America. I am so grateful to him for that gift to us, and for his continued service and support.

And I am grateful for each of my yoga teachers along this way. Each has shared a piece of her or his journey, to add to mine. What a beautiful circle of giving it is.


Healing Our Past

I help people who are ready to heal some of their deepest, core wounds. It is pure joy to be able to work in this way, guiding an energetic, healing shift through their soul’s Akashic Records.

To do this, we enter into a beautiful, meditative state together, and call in the highest divine light to offer guidance, support, and understanding.

If you’re curious about how this works, reach out to me! We can discuss your unique pain, symptoms, and what seems to be holding you back. Through this journey, we uncover fascinating insights, and clients are able to move forward into new ways to be.

Some of our biggest soul wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, can be so deep that they continue to cause pain over several lifetimes. It is interesting that we carry such karmic ‘imprints’ over so much time, because either we have not been ready to heal them, or, we simply have not had access to the gifts we have today.

If you have symptoms, illness, or even a knowing that you are carrying something very deep, if no doctor has been able to diagnose a ‘condition’ you have, then please reach out. We can discuss your dis-ease over the phone, and through the conversation, you will know if you have been guided to the right place. If so, we will set up a healing session (by phone or in person) and you will be on a new, unique healing journey for this time.

Discover the key to heal wounds that sometimes span generations. Reach out to arrange a complementary Discovery Call today!



Energy Balancing Bath Salts

Day to day, our energy becomes out of balance, just by living and moving around on this Earth.

I love to take and recommend baths with epsom salts for this very reason. Epsom salts in warm waters help balance and neutralize our energy, and they also help draw out toxins from our skin and energy field.

Add some essential oils to the mix, and it’s a heavenly retreat for a few precious moments. Warmth, water, re-plenishing, re-balancing, quiet, subtle, cleansing….What’s not to love? Treat yourself, or give delicious epsom salts to loved ones.

Akashic Record Healing Sessions

Akashic Library

I am an intuitive healer, and access what you need for deep healing from the Akashic Records. This information is used to heal past and current trauma, and to gain a very solid understanding of why certain events or things have happened in the lives of my clients–so they can move forward with clarity, healing, and even…levity!

It’s a fascinating and sacred process, and my work is conducted via phone and in person.

I help guide clients who are newly awakening to the wonders of Spirit and what lies beyond what we can ‘normally’ see and hear. This involves a process of education and stepping into our own unique ways we perceive the world of Spirit, and practices to integrate these gifts into your daily lives.

I help clients unravel the mysteries of:

  • Awakening or ‘Ascension’ symptoms
  • Newly discovered spiritual gifts of seeing (clairvoyance), understanding (clairsentience), and more
  • Unlocking the process and gifts of intuition and Divine connection
  • Understanding and tapping into universal healing energy

I guide and help people to heal from:

  • Difficult current or past relationships
  • Physical symptoms, like chronic throat conditions, migraines, joint pain, gut issues, etc.
    Often, these physical symptoms are caused by underlying, much older root issues, and I specialize in helping clients uncover those root causes of pain and dis-ease. This is known to be one of my particular areas of specialty in working through the Akashic Records.
  • Healthy recovery from surgery, cancer treatment, accidents, childbirth, etc.
  • Unresolved symptoms caused by trauma from the past, including childhood and past lives.

I would love to work with you to unravel the mysteries of health and emotional situations, relationships, symptoms, illnesses, and other questions you may have about your present or past!

Call for a free discussion, or book with me via the Contact page today!

Essential Oils–Gaia’s Love in a Bottle

I am a huge advocate for nature’s medicine, and that includes glorious essential oils. I use and highly value pure essential oils for their balancing and health properties. I use them during my classes and energy sessions, and in my home to keep my entire family healthy and balanced. And….many of them taste amazing!

Did you know that you can make a delicious, refreshing beverage in seconds by adding a drop or two of lemon, orange, lavender, mint, cinnamon…or so many more oils?? Or how about serving up some black bean mint brownies to make your family happy? Gluten free, and otherwise quite healthy.

There are lots of resources, recipes, and unique uses online and you can Google just about any symptom to find suggested blends. Visit the dōTERRA site to learn more about specific oils and their properties.

Reiki in Daily Life

About Reiki

I am a certified Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, and offer classes and healing sessions for many types of healing or balancing needs.

Reiki is universal healing energy that channels through us to each other in service and with healing intention. Reiki means ‘Spiritually guided healing energy.’ The practice of Reiki is a Japanese technique and in addition to promotion of healing, it is used for stress reduction, relaxation, and relief from many kinds of side effects and injuries. ‘Ki’ is circulating life force energy also called Chi or Qi in Chinese medicine, and Prana in Sanskrit.

I have been receiving and giving Reiki since I was first attuned in 2003, just before our first daughter was born. In 2015, I greatly deepened my knowledge and understanding and have completed Master/Teacher Reiki Training, and love sharing this rejuvenating, healing energy with others.

This life force energy flows through all of us. Sometimes, however, due to injury, trauma, illness, and just the basic things that happen in our lives, our energy becomes blocked or stagnant. When our life force energy is low, we can much more easily become ill, or feel extra stress or anger. Our goal with Reiki treatment is to increase the flow of our life force energy, to allow us to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Reiki Benefits:

A session lasts 45-60 minutes during which I lightly touch or hold energy just above a client’s body in different locations and for different intervals, allowing the energy to flow to places where it is needed. Clients are comfortable and fully clothed for Reiki sessions.

Benefits of Reiki are many, and there is growing scientific evidence of its efficacy. Some of the myriad reasons people seek healing through Reiki include:

  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • Pain management.
  • Comfort and relief during cancer treatment, and to complement prescriptions.
  • Relief from depression.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Stronger self esteem.
  • Relief of symptoms of many ailments.
  • Greater self awareness.
  • Improved digestive system functioning.

Please reach out to me for a consultation, or to schedule a session in our lovely healing space at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in downtown Littleton, CO.

Reiki Sessions:

60, 75, and 90-minute sessions.

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Testimonials from happy Reiki recipients:

“I came in here not feeling very well, and after this session,
I feel like a million dollars.”
–Susan H., happy Reiki recipient

“Before we began, I was suffering a lot from whiplash after a big fall, in my knee, back, neck and head. Now, I feel very little pain.”
–Heather M.

“Since I received Reiki three weeks ago, my stomach stopped hurting, I have no more cramps, and I have more energy. I was having a lot of headaches and migraines, and have not had any since then. I just feel a lot better.”
Kristin L.


Reiki Ideals: 

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseasesSelf-Reiki-Badge-300x300
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.
Pray these words to your heart
and chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind
~~The founder, Usui Mikao~~

Take the Oxygen First, and Then Assist Your Children

This is an image of my dear daughters and me, thriving in 2015. We weren’t always this strong and courageous. Working through breast cancer in 2013 was hard, and sometimes scary. But one of the best pieces of advice I have heard through many teachers is that when faced with emotional crises, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves before we can possibly take care of our loved ones. Just like on an airplane, when we’re reminded to attach our oxygen mask first and then assist our children, so it is when facing a hardship. We have to be strong first, so that we can be strong for them.

I have found this strength through asking others to help, through being sure I don’t become too busy, ensuring I get enough sleep, and making sure that my relationships feed my soul. I’ve also relied heavily on spiritual guides through therapy, at church, and in small group meetings. We never have to travel alone. Sometimes the hardest step is asking for help, in this society where we’re raised from infancy to be strong and do it on our own. But it’s really in seeking the right guides for us and in making space for ourselves, that we become centered and strong–and planted firmly like the trees and boulders in the forest.

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis: My Turning Point

I was 44 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I lived in Washington, D.C., which statistically has the highest prevalence of breast cancer among young women of all cities in the U.S.

And after the initial shock, I began to ask why.

Why me? Why did I get this disease? Where did it come from? And why are there so many new cases—more and more in fact—despite millions of dollars that have been raised over the past decades in the name of supposedly finding a cure? What cures breast cancer? Is there a cure? Will there ever be one? What are they researching with all of those dollars and pink ribbons?

My body kept waking me up, many nights in a row, in the spring of 2013, leading up to my diagnosis on April 15 – tax day. I’ll never forget that call from my dear, dear doctor Sharon. “Suzanne, I’m so sorry—but you have breast cancer.”


Shock to a single mother, working an hour’s drive around the Beltway of the nation’s capitol. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and a gorgeous spring day. She told me to leave, and to go home and sit quietly. She told me that she had already made me an appointment for the very next day with a breast surgeon she knew, so that I could learn more details.

At the time I had no knowledge of any of the details of this disease. But I had raised funds for and walked in three of the highly publicized Avon Breast Cancer Walks in the early 2000s—one right before my wedding, and one when my first daughter was just getting teeth—around 7 months old. Together we raised about $30,000. I walked those walks with a dear friend whose life had been touched by lots of cancer, and we made another dear friend during our first training season who had had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation in the 90s, also at a very young age.

During those fundraising days I’d read and touted the oft-quoted statistic: One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. To bring it home, that meant one of my book club friends. And then, that one became me.

The funny thing is that though my life had been tumultuous, to say the least, during the years leading up to this diagnosis, I had grown into a very good place. I was still separated from my husband and had been for three years. But I was once again ready to move into my own life and finally carry out our divorce. And I was within three days of completing my amazing and rigorous yoga teacher training certification at my beloved home-away-from home yoga studio in gorgeous downtown Alexandria, Virginia.

So how could this possibly be happening to me? Hadn’t I been dealt enough? “Well, I just don’t understand why these things keep happening to you,” my mom had declared on the phone. I didn’t either—back then. But now, I think I do. I think I have some clarity, some reasons, some notions, some gut instincts. And it is my intention to share. Because I also know I’m not alone. I’m not alone as a young woman diagnosed with cancer. And I’m not alone on my healing journey. Many angels have walked with me, and do still.

But the frustrating fact is that our healthcare system is fractured. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And in Western medicine, I was only served with part of the healing that I really needed. They cut the cancer out of my right breast and told me that I had a pretty good chance that it had not spread through my lymph system based on test results. And then they sent me on my way. They didn’t tell me things like: Cancer eats sugar. Therefore, try not to eat much sugar. (I love sugar. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s addictive.) Cancer loves alcohol. Try not to drink much. (I love wine and had certainly had my share over the past 25 years.) In fact, women who drink 3 glasses per night increase their chances of cancer by 20%, and women who are overweight seem to have a significantly increased risk. I mention these factors because they are all things that in many cases, we can control. They are within our grasp. They are associated with habits we can change. They are not like the scarier risks of toxins in our environment, for instance, which merit a whole other book by someone much more scientific than myself.

My doctors also didn’t tell me any of the good news: Broccoli seems to really reduce our risk of breast and other cancers, as do the other cruciferous veggies, many mushrooms, and turmeric. Exercising 30 minutes a day (and they don’t even have to be consecutive minutes) reduces risk by about 20%, and getting eight hours of solid sleep a night is one of the best gifts to give ourselves and our immune systems. Raise your hand if you have trouble sleeping. Thought so. But in the end, if we really want to do good things for ourselves, these are little and big habits we can choose to manage in a healthy way, and it begins, quite simply, with awareness.

In this book, I don’t claim any cures. But I do claim hope, and a growing body of evidence supporting natural prevention and even treatment. I am frustrated by the disconnect between what I experienced in a system that uses banners and posters all over its halls proclaiming, “One of the Top 100 Hospitals in the U.S.” I am frustrated that they don’t have or offer resources to show patients what else lies beyond their walls—what may help, what may cure, what may at least console us and give us something to work with.

I feel lucky that through various connections and my own desire for knowledge, I began to seek. I started finding books on cancer. My yoga teacher fortunately showed me a copy of “The Definitive Guide to Cancer” and I bought my own. It started to give me the nutritional and sleep facts I began to adopt.

I began to piece together the connection between my physical disease and my life/mind/heart dis-ease. My dysfunction. While I don’t punish myself by saying that I caused my own cancer, I know I did. I know that my circumstances led to it. My marriage had begun to unravel in 2008-2009. My surgeon said that my tumor, while still small, had been growing for 4-5 years in there. I did the math and counted the years leading up to the 2013 pain knocking on my door. It’s too much a coincidence to ignore. When we break down, so too can our systems, our immunity, our beautiful bodies. I am frustrated that nowhere in my medical world did anyone ask me what kinds of things were going on in my life that I might want to examine, or change, to improve my health.

And that is why I am sharing my story.

I want a bridge to be built from our Western medical system to the world of the heart, mind and spirit. I want us to be aware of and support the large and thankfully growing body of evidence and research that suggests that there is, indeed, in many cases, a direct connection. And I want another bridge to what are still considered ‘alternative’ therapies or ways of treating or preventing disease. People have been using modalities that work for thousands of years. We owe it to ourselves to consider what they can teach us, and to incorporate what works.
To clarify, I know there are some healthcare systems and some offices and some centers doing really good things. But not where I was treated, which happens to be in one of the wealthiest towns in the country. It’s oddly shocking. How could that be?  I am grateful to people in my world who began to shine little lights on the world of alternative thinking where I began to carve my own path forward, and it is my hope that my sharing will smooth the path of others, or even better, will inspire at least a few women to make some positive changes in habits in diet and lifestyle, and though we will never be able to track it in a study, make the path not even necessary at all.