Reiki: “Spiritually guided healing energy”

Reiki: “Spiritually guided healing energy”

Are you familiar with Reiki? Do you use it? How? We love stories!

A very big part of my spiritual awakening has been a loving journey with Reiki. In fact it’s one of the key tools that I use to keep me grounded and in harmony. Reiki clears our path, keeps our chakras in harmony, and helps us connect with angels and see our way the more we call it in. With Reiki we can heal anything. The primary way it heals is by reducing stress (the cause of over 90% of our ailments.) I believe one day, we will all use a modality like Reiki to manage our energy, just as we brush our teeth every day.

My path was circuitous though in terms of using it for others before I really used it to my own great advantage. It’s almost as though I had to go out and use it with and for other people in order to understand how it is so profoundly transformative. It is what I have used to develop my own ability to become a clear channel connected to Source and the All That Is.

Reiki always calls to us and finds us when we are ready, if it’s part of our soul path. It’s funny that way, but that’s the case for everyone who joins my classes and tells their stories of why they’re there.

When I first began to open to healing energy, I was mostly focused on ‘helping’ other people. But as years go by and I look back, I realize that all the while, Reiki was working with me, and through me, and teaching me what *I* needed on my path. And in truth, that’s really our job in this whole project of evolution of Spirit. It’s all a beautiful circle.

My journey had to be like this because I probably would not have invested what I did in learning the tools and skills if I had thought it would be ‘just for me.’ That was my mentality back then. There were all sorts of worthiness issues back then.

Now I see so clearly that investment my spiritual growth is so necessary and is one of the best gifts I can possibly give myself in this lifetime. The feeling of lightness and the clarity, knowing, and deepening connection with Source is simply the heaven on earth that I have been seeking–and that I know I am part of creating, for myself first, and then for my family, and others.

Even if you are not formally trained or ‘attuned’ to Reiki, there are myriad ways to manage your energy and how you feel. One simple technique to calm and ground is to do this:

Rub your hands together, and, standing in a comfortable pose like Mountain pose, place your warmed hands on your belly as you take several deep, slow breaths in and out. As you breathe and focus on your belly and your diaphragm, your body is immediately triggered to relax. It’s one of the quickest ways to calm yourself. Add to this a visualization of growing beautiful roots from your feet down through the Earth to her center–the heart of Gaia, wrapping them gently around, and asking for calming, grounding energy.

You can do this anywhere–and I ground often throughout my day.

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How We FEEL The Realm of Spirit

Good morning, beautiful souls! I love conversations about experiences with our angels!  Love love love! Angels are in so many forms, so many purposes, all beautiful and here for us.
I feel called to share one of many blessed encounters I have had, because at that time, it was a FEELing. I am a big feeler (empath, clairsentient…call it all what you like…we all have these wirings in our being and you feel a LOT whether you know why or how or not.) And, it has been quite a journey to understand and navigate in this world of see/hear/think 3D we live in.
Feelings truly are our guides. Feelings are the ENERGY of emotion and consciousness. They guide us. They navigate us, if we allow them.
One of my most profound experiences in learning how all of this works was several years ago during an attunement in an energy healing class. I actually FELT the biggest, strongest bear hug I could imagine from the Spirit realm. As if it were real. It WAS real. But it was as if a human was right there.
It was one of my beloved Guides saying hello, saying, “I am here, don’t you ever forget.” That is why it had to be so strong. So I would know it was real. And it was not until discussion and processing afterwards that I realized that it truly was Jesus. Now I refer to him as Jeshua. A powerful flow of knowing rolled through me like a waterfall when I got that. It was a cracking open of something that I “knew” was there….but didn’t really KNOW in this way because I had not experienced it. And this was a very Make-No-Mistake-About-This…I Am Here confirmation.
I have learned through many beautiful experiences, and communicate openly now with all of my Guides. And, it is my honor to teach others who find themselves on this journey of opening and awakening.
~~If you find yourself curious about your own opening to the world of Spirit, reach out to me and let’s talk and see how I can help you. Click this link and we will connect. I invite you to set up a free phone call to discuss where you are, where you are stuck, and see what we can do about it.~~

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everything you want is on the other side of fear


“False Evidence Appearing Real.”

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — FDR

I find so often in my work with clients that fear is such a driver. It drives us insane. It drives us crazy. It drives us to dark places. Often, we do it because things have happened in our lives that we are scared of repeating or having repeated. We scarcely recognize how much control we really have, because we allow fear to drive our sacred vehicles.

I used to have no idea of the power I could harness in my own brain, heart, and spirit. Nobody teaches these things to us in school.

I went through a terribly dark time where I felt powerless completely–mostly due to the devastation caused by certain men in my life and very harmful relationships with them. I let all of my power go, and I had no idea why.

But thankfully, I got to work searching, and I dug, and I realized that there is a strength in me that is so strong, that nothing–and nobody–externally can squelch it.

It’s the same for you. The problem is that we just haven’t been taught this yet. But now, these are the lessons and wisdom that I am blessed to share and teach. Along with totally practical tools.

Are you ready to find a different driver of your sacred vehicle? If you’re ready to be free from the fears of being yourself, of speaking up, of knowing who you are, of being able to get the answers you need, then my 10 week Intuition Bootcamp may be right for you at just this time. It’s for people ready to engage in dialogue and get clear on blocks, and to learn what your very personalized intuitive gifts are that can serve you for a lifetime. It’s called ‘Unlocking’ because that’s what we do. We unlock the sacred spark in you, and the sacred gifts just waiting to shine.

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How Did Leonardo da Vinci Use Intuition?

Sometimes I like to talk about the ‘Why’ in all of this Soul talk. Why do we want to connect with our Spirit? Why do we need to? What is the benefit?
Last night at dinner with my family, I was reminded of one of my big personal ‘whys’ (if that’s a word :).
My oldest daughter is in high school and is learning much about the world. Much of it is scary to her, because they learn about the state of the planet, resources, climate change, health, etc., and naturally it comes from a place of some scarcity, and fear. She and her friends discuss this with each other, and they are scared. I used to be very afraid of that, too, until I shifted my perceptions to something much more in alignment with truth, for me.
I said to her what I believe, through this example I like to share:
In the 1400s and 1500s, Leonardo da Vinci lived here on earth and brought forth one of the most amazing arrays of art and inventions that humankind has ever seen. I have seen the museum display of his work in Kansas City.
He brought forth ball bearings; A flying machine; A parachute; A submarine vessel; Many war machines; A helicopter; And so much more. I like to say he ‘brought them forth’ rather than he ‘invented’ them, because I believe that he was an open channel, an open vessel for knowledge coming from a place so much higher and so much more connected than just his own brain. When I walked through the museum exhibit, I just felt that with everything I knew. He could visualize every aspect of these incredible machines with perfect clarity–and they worked–given the materials and abilities available at the time.
And so I said to my daughter that the way I handle the fear is that instead, I hold space that humanity will come around to allow and open to exactly what we need to make this planet heaven on earth. There are children growing up now who will access the insight needed to help it heal even more than my generation can, to create systems to help clean our oceans, to figure out a stable food supply…all of that, and more that we don’t even yet know is possible.
And that is precisely the very motivation I have for helping people, including our children, to connect to their higher selves, and to the realm of Divine beings just waiting for them to ask for help. It is coming. I know it and feel it and see it, and my beloved guides encourage me to share this. And the more of us who awaken to this as a possibility, the more quickly it will become a reality.
So, that’s one of my ‘whys’. One of the bigger ones. It is related to the theme in a book that I am reading with a group at my church called, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.”
As we work through our own personal issues and gain understanding, we contribute to these much greater callings. It’s beautiful.
What is your Soul waiting to share through you? Please share insights!
~And send me a message if you are ready to unlock your intuitive guidance system!~
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[Note: Opinions expressed are purely the author’s own. No scientific evidence has been given to prove this theory….just yet 🙂  ]

Darling, Do You Know That You are Light?

That’s what the angels say to me.

That’s what the angels sing to you.

That’s what the angels call to each of US.

When we are ready, we hear it.

When we are ready, we let down the walls of resistance created by eons of pain.

When we are ready, we look deep inside and we are shown the truth that cannot afford to be suppressed any longer.

When we are ready, the light of us becomes our truth, and we become willing to let it shine for ourselves once again.

When we are ready, we begin to let it shine for someone else, as well.

Then, we allow.

Then, we are free.

All in Divine timing. All in God’s time. All when we are ready. All in the space of us that is perfectly perfect, and has been, all along.

And so, it is.


Unlocking Your Soul: You Hold the Keys.

You are a many-faceted individual.

You are physical and energetic and spiritual and emotional, all wrapped up in one beautiful being.

You have had many, many experiences in your lifetime.

Some of these experiences have been uplifting and liberating, and some have been painful–or have even caused harm, trauma or resistance. They are all purposeful. They all serve us. And sometimes, it is time for change.

We have many beautiful tools available to us now to help us analyze and uncover the source of our pain. And yet, sometimes, there are pains that are so deep, or so old, that we can’t seem to shed light on them.

The spiritual, energetic healing work that I do with my clients’ soul records (their Akashic Records) helps them to see clearly. It helps them to release old wounds and karmic ties and cords. It helps them to come to a deep, new knowing of who they really are, in the light of their own higher selves, and their angelic guidance.

If you find yourself asking questions about why you still harbor pain, why a relationship still is not working, why you are struggling in work or other aspects of your life, reach out to me.

Sometimes we need a little help to see clearly. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and our situations from a different vantage point–one with a different kind of illumination–one that is blessed by the presence of Spirit.

That’s the kind of healing work that I do.

Please reach out for a free consultation if you would like to know more.

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Humanity has received reminders of this wisdom Oprah shares throughout centuries. (By the way, who loves Oprah? I can’t get enough of her these days.)

Polonius said the same in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

The thing is, knowing yourself takes a little work. A little practice. Quiet time. Questioning. Investigation. Looking up. Introspection. All these things, and more.

What has been one of your gifts of knowing yourself, along the way?

For me personally, it’s usually a feeling–a feeling that something either is or is not right for me, and if it does not feel right, then a drive to understand what IS right for me.

I have learned to feel and understand what that deep sense of knowing is, to me.

I’d love to hear thoughts! Or even questions? I think that question of ‘how’ you know is probably one of the biggest ones of our time.

The work I do helps people unlock their own ways of knowing.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more.


Oprah on life

When Our Bodies Are Knocking, Are We Listening?

When Our Bodies Are Knocking, Are We Listening?

My deep soul dive into the world of healing began with a spiritual awakening 10+years ago that was greatly facilitated by yoga, meditation, and a Twelve Step program called Al Anon, for friends and family of alcoholics. This work propelled me to a place I had never been before in this lifetime, and it has never stopped.

The practices of going within to find my answers were taken to new levels when my body knocked. This story is not about the disease itself or the many things it has taught me, but rather the process of knowing:

In 2013 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I was becoming a certified yoga teacher through an intensive program in Washington, D.C. I had already gone through many challenges and learning opportunities, and this was sweet reward for the knowing that I wanted to deepen my mind/body/spirit connection.

In the weeks leading up to my diagnosis, I had begun to have extreme pain in my chest on the right side–so much so that it often woke me up at night. I remember telling a co-worker about it. It was in the chest muscle or chest wall–definitely feeling like muscle pain. I had remembered that during one intensive yoga class, while doing side plank, I had felt a distinct pull, as if a thread in my chest popped. It was not excruciating, but very notable–like something broke. The pain worsened to the point where I was taking ibuprofen, and so I decided to seek answers.

My wonderful physician’s assistant had supported me through lots of issues, and so I went back to her, and she did an exam. Neither of us could feel any sort of mass, and she told me that usually cancer does not hurt–but just in case, she advised me to get a mammogram, so I scheduled one a few days later, as the pain intensified. The day of the mammogram, I was in a lot of pain. I opted for the 3-D version of the screening, and lo and behold, it showed a mass, far back by my pectoral muscle, barely visible. We went ahead and did a biopsy, and the next day, I was called with the result: stage 0 breast cancer. The pain never came back after the day I got the test.

I tell this story to highlight the fact that my body knocked. In fact, knocking was not enough, and so it began to pound on the door to wake me up–literally and physically. What if I had not listened? What if I had just continued to self-medicate with pain killers until I needed something stronger? What if I had not decided to take care of myself and seek help?

As my story goes, cancer was a big one of my life lessons–a genuine wake-up call from my heart to tend to some very much more pressing areas where I had let myself go, and had not taken good care. That’s a whole other story.

I share this because so often, our bodies talk to us. Sometimes, they scream.

Often I work with clients who come to me for physical symptoms, and when we psychically enter into their soul records, it turns out they are in need of addressing and healing from some kind of deep soul wound. More often than not, they are in need of releasing something that has had a great hold on them, sometimes from their past–and sometimes, from a past lifetime.

Often, they are experiencing symptoms for which modern medicine just has not been able to find a cause. This is not the fault of modern medicine as much as our resistance to waking up to the realization that we are so much bigger and more complex than modern medicine acknowledges. We are a physical body, AND emotional, energetic, and causal bodies. AND, of course, we are a great big soul living within this body. And that soul has been through many things in this life and in past lives. Often, it is in need of assistance from someone who can see and perceive pain and trauma on an energetic level, and help it to heal.

This is the skill I have learned to cultivate since my very initial spiritual awakening many years ago. I have become adept at guiding clients to the places where deep soul wounds lie, so that they can be identified, acknowledged, and healed in a holistic way.

Is your body sending signals to which you need to listen? Do you have a persistent illness or situation that you have not been able to figure out?

Please reach out to me to arrange a complimentary discovery session where we can intuit together what your body and soul are asking for. If your body knocks, please answer!!