Supernova Seminars: Rock Your Sovereignty! See Upcoming Dates.

Supernova Seminars are master classes for leaders. This includes business people, parents, teachers, healers & seekers.  Through our classes, we offer empowering, practical information & tools to bust through old blocks.  Why? Because you came here to create something strong & beautiful, in your life, and perhaps also through your work. Supernova Seminars are the turbo-charge upgrades that help you to rewrite your narrative & rewire your perceptions to accomplish your dreams.  Our programs are crafted to up-level those who want to operate their lives and their businesses grounded in the 5D environment. Full tilt!

Our first class entitled “Rock Your Sovereignty” is on!

Are you ready to heal more deeply to unleash your biggest dreams? Desire greater insights to clear blocks? Do you seek to embody healthier and more vibrant energy to craft the life you came here for? Join us to gain crystal clarity and heal your deepest wounds….to supercharge your Soul and expand your Manifestation Mastery. 

Supernova Seminar will empower you to Rock Your Sovereignty!
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Reiki for the Home – Empowering Parents, Children, Families

Parenting Workshop_St. Luke's April 11

Join us for this new offering, devoted to helping parents to begin to cultivate your own knowing and abilities with healing energy, in the beauty of your own home.

In this course, we teach the basics of Reiki and how it works and can be used for myriad everyday uses. We teach how to use it for things like colds, allergies, and pain; and also anxiety, depression, and mental/emotional issues.

The class includes a handbook as well as an attunement to Reiki, which begins to open and heals your crown, heart, and hand chakras so that you can begin to channel Reiki and harness its healing through your own daily practices.

This class is shared directly through my own experiences with my family and my spiritual/wellness practices of meditation and energy management.

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Stand in Your Power: Reiki In Daily Life, an Online Course

Reiki heals. Always.

Reiki flows through you, now.

Reiki surrounds you. It is yours to use.

And yet, are you aware?

We have at our fingertips access to the most pure, divine light available to humans. It has always been here, and its strength grows and grows the more we call upon it.

It’s literally a phone call away. And, when it calls to us, when we are ready, we pick up the phone, and dial the number.

Reiki is energy. It is frequency. It is the vibration of love.

It boosts our immune system and our bodies. It clears us of the past we are ready to leave behind. It helps us to ground, to center, to open, to awaken. It helps us to heal in incredibly profound ways–when we ask, when we are ready.

I have been witness to the healing of profoundly devastating disease. I have seen miracles of spirit, and I am honored to witness spirit in action daily. When one of us says YES to awakening, to learning, to digging in, to healing, to growing…that is when magic happens.

Do you have something from which you wish to heal?

Is there something you have not been able to address, or figure out?

Do you seek to find more magic in your life?

Are you a leader, seeking new ways to stand in your own powerful truth?

Do you meditate, and seek to deepen your ability to ground and connect with your higher self, and Source?

Do you have people in your life you feel called to be able to support in a new way?

Do you feel disempowered, and a desire to step into your true, authentic nature you KNOW is there?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then let’s talk. Set up a free phone call to discuss your path, and we’ll see if taking this online course, and receiving live guidance, intuitive messages, and healing is what you know you need at this time.

I look forward to connecting and having that discussion!

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Lightness of BEing! An Intuition and Soul Alignment Bootcamp

This is my signature 10-Week deep dive that assists you in your personal transformation.

It is designed for individuals who crave a deeper connection to your own soul and intuition, the angelic realm, and your personal guides. It will help you to heal, and to overcome your deepest blocks to being yourself–in Oneness, in alignment.

The program takes you on a journey of introspection and deep healing to understand blockages and what has kept you in darkness, or anxiety, or fear for too long. It also assists with your own soul ascension path, and is a wonderful introduction–with energetic attunements and clearings–to tools, practices, and wisdom from the world’s oldest traditions.

The promises of the program are:

  • In-depth teaching to help you develop your intuition and use it in daily life, work, creativity & play
  • Individual Deep Healing Sessions: Releasing Blocks, and the Fears that Bind You
  • Unlocking and Understanding your unique Intuition Channel and Senses

In this course you will:

  • Learn about chakras & feeling
  • Learn how to harness and use healing energy
  • Heal old fears and traumas
  • Unlock your own intuitive guidance system and learn how to use it
  • Learn how to connect and work with your personal guides and receive personal messages
  • Receive channeled angelic guidance 
  • Learn how to use cards to receive information and guidance
  • Raise your vibration and your divine, spiritual connection
  • Find the space and inspiration you need to create an exciting, colorful path forward, and to know your truth and the light and love that you came here to be.


“We’re here to help!!” —Your Guides

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Reiki in Daily Life

Reiki in Daily Life

One of the things I love about my work is introducing people new to energy healing to the positive benefits and real things we can do with it.

The thing is, we are ALL energy. Every single thing is energy. Every object, being, plant, rock. Everything.

And so why would we not tend to that aspect of ourselves? Why would we not consider it just as important as taking care of our heart health, or getting mammograms, or brushing our teeth to keep them clean?

I believe that someday, we all will do this–we’ll all have regular practices to re-harmonize our energetic bodies as we awaken for the day, as we move through our day, and as we encounter situations in our day that sometimes throw us off.

This is exactly how I use Reiki in my daily life, and how I like to teach others to use it.

This weekend, as I taught the second class to new students who had become attuned last month, they shared some of the ways they had benefited from the energy. Everyone had a unique story. One woman had really become much more grounded and felt Reiki was helping her to calm. Another had had a persistent sore leg, and for the past three days had had no pain! Another had used Reiki to help calm her grandson and put him back to sleep at 3am. And another had used it for heartburn, and said that it worked far better than any antacid or anything else she uses.

It’s amazing! There are so many ways we can call upon healing, beneficial energy. Why wouldn’t every household have someone with this knowledge? Perhaps one day, we will!

Reiki comes from Source. It is a gift–just as the sun shines upon the land and gives our plants what they need to thrive, there are energies that we can call on to help our bodies, minds, and spirits stay healthy and thrive.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more or experience how Reiki can benefit you!



Yoga for Healing: Workshop @ Hamptons Yoga Fest

I taught a workshop on yoga for healing on September 18, 2015 at the inaugural Hamptons Yoga Fest.

My workshop was inspired by the tools and intention I learned and came to rely on heavily as I underwent three surgeries for breast cancer in 2013.

My goal in teaching this type of yoga is to inspire individuals with the knowing that we are not powerless when faced with a health or healing issues. And there are tools and options we can even share with loved ones, off the mat in quiet settings. Much of the journey is about mindful intention: setting the intent to heal. The rest focuses on calling upon energies to guide us in healing, through prayer and meditation, mantra, energy therapy, etc.

Hamptons HeaderThis wonderful festival was the perfect setting for the workshop and I h ope to return in 2016! It was dedicated to community, celebration, healing. What could be better?