Illuminate Your True Self

Wings of isis:

my Signature Program

Deepen Into Who You Are.
Release The Past.
Know Your Guides.
Create & Move Forward.
Understand Sacred YOU.
Liberate Your Mind.

My signature program combines advanced teachings and modalities with in-depth energetic clearing and activations that help clients be liberated in the knowing that they are already whole, and free, and dearly loved.

I offer a unique series of light attunements that help you feel grounded, safe, and deeply connected to Spirit.

I believe that we came into these lives to experience many wonderful things. For some, this experience includes learning how to amplify innate intuitive & healing abilities that have a profound influence on how you see your holy Self, your life, the world, family, and your work & play.

Join me in this six-month immersion program: Let yourself learn, let go, understand, and activate.

It is time for your Truth to be your highest guide.

Benefits include deep dives and understanding in:

  • Gifts unique to you (energetic, psychic strengths, healing of the past, tuning into wisdom and compassion)
  • Working with your personal Angel team (yes, they are very very real)
  • Releasing blocks that have held you back
  • Trusting your intuition and your strengths
  • Living fully connected and in trust within your body
  • Knowing your amazing multidimensionality
  • Being fully present and able to create
  • Helping your children feel safe and empowered in their own intuition
  • Co-creating your new paths: family, work, career, self, adventure…you always have choices
  • Resonating with Earth (crystals, plants, herbs, etc.)

How We Work Together:

  • Weekly group Zoom calls with Q&A and channeled guidance & topics.
  • One-on-One in-depth energy healing & activation sessions that provide cutting-edge clarity for how to be, and how to move forward.
  • Online course materials & video instruction, meditations, and activations — work at your own pace. You own you. You own your process–but I provide a super solid framework for you to build and co-create.
  • Access to me and your Angelic team real-time, as you learn to connect within to empower yourself and your deep Heart/True Self Connection.

Ready to explore the Treasure that is You?
Ready to get un-stuck?
Schedule a free 15-minute Spark Session via phone to connect &
we will see if you are a good fit for this rich offering!

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“Suzanne’s weekly program call is my favorite hour of the week! I block it on my work calendar & do everything possible not to miss it. It’s not only a safe place to share, but I always end the call feeling completely uplifted with Suzanne’s energy clearings. Thank you, Suzanne, for this wonderful gift!”

Summer Gornick