Soul Activation Programme

my Signature Program:

Wings of isis

Deepen Into Who You Are.
Release The Past.
Know Your Guides.
Create & Move Forward.
Understand Sacred YOU.
Liberate Your Mind.

My signature program is for serious students ready to become unhindered versions of themselves and expand their consciousness in miraculous ways. Think of it like a serious university course to awaken the sacred Divine Feminine consciousness you know is calling you.

The work combines advanced teachings and modalities with in-depth energetic clearing and activations that will help you be liberated in the knowing that you are powerful, Divinely energetic, whole, and free. Healing includes super-charged Akashic Records and Soul DNA clearing to release ages-old trauma and programming.

I offer a unique series of light attunements that help you feel grounded, safe, and deeply connected to Spirit while activating your unique Soul Blueprint (Star) Codes.

I believe we came into these lives to experience many wonderful things. For some, this experience includes learning how to amplify innate intuitive & healing abilities that have a profound influence on how you see your holy Self, your life, the world, family, and your work & play.

Join me in this six-month immersion program: Let yourself learn, let go, understand, and activate.

It is time for your Divine Truth to be your highest guide.

Benefits include deep dives and understanding in:

  • Gifts unique to you (energetic, psychic strengths, healing, tuning into wisdom and compassion)
  • Working with your personal Angel team (yes, they are very very real)
  • Releasing blocks that have held you back
  • Building daily practices and ritual to support your every waking moment
  • Trusting your intuition and your strengths
  • Living fully connected and in trust within your body
  • Knowing your amazing multidimensionality
  • Being fully present and able to create
  • Helping your children feel safe and empowered in their own intuition
  • Co-creating your new paths: family, work, career, self, adventure…you always have choices
  • Resonating with Earth (crystals, plants, herbs, etc.)

How We Work Together:

  • Weekly group Zoom calls with Q&A and channeled guidance & topics.
  • One-on-One in-depth energy healing & activation sessions that provide cutting-edge clarity for how to be, and how to move forward.
  • Online course materials & video instruction, meditations, and activations — work at your own pace. You own you. You own your process–but I provide a super solid framework for you to build and co-create.
  • Access to me and your Angelic team real-time, as you learn to connect within to empower yourself and your deep Heart/True Self Connection.

Ready to explore the Treasure that is You?
Ready to get un-stuck?
Schedule a free 15-minute Spark Session via phone to connect &
we will see if you are a good fit for this rich offering!

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“Suzanne’s weekly program call is my favorite hour of the week! I block it on my work calendar & do everything possible not to miss it. It’s not only a safe place to share, but I always end the call feeling completely uplifted with Suzanne’s energy clearings. Thank you, Suzanne, for this wonderful gift!”

Summer Gornick