Malas by Lily

Hi! I’m Lily, and I am a Sophomore. I’m raising funds to travel in Europe next summer with a state orchestra group, to play in cities in 5 different countries.

Malas are necklaces created with high-vibration crystal stones to convey certain energies and assist us with intentions. They have been used in contemplative meditation and prayer for thousands of years. Some say their primary use is to help us keep from worrying–by giving us something to focus on in prayer. They have 108 beads and are used just like a rosary–or worn as beautiful jewelry.

Our stones are selected based their pure vibrations, colors and energetic healing properties. Each bead is tied with a knot of intention for the person who uses it. The costs are:

Malas: $111 ~~ Bracelets: $15, or two for $25

I would love to create a custom mala or bracelet for you! If you are interested, our process is simple!

  1. Send an email to my mom Suzanne at suzrainey (at) and tell us the kinds of crystals, or the colors, you prefer. I’m happy to arrange a quick call to discuss your preferences if you send your phone number.
  2. Send payment to her, preferably via Venmo at Suzanne-Rainey-2 or Paypal. (Checks or credit can be arranged by you two.)
  3. Give me about 2 weeks and I will create your mala and send or deliver to you with love!
  4. We can also add charms that you love, or Zodiac symbols.

These are my recent creations as examples. Some are still available on a first come basis:

Lots of options for customizing include specific charms, zodiac symbols, bodhi seeds, pearls, tassle colors, etc.

Download a full array PDF of many crystal bead options and their specific properties: