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I am a transformation coach and healer. I help clients find peace, liberation & understanding by clearing blocks, activating soul codes, and getting ‘unstuck.’ Then, I assist them to be empowered by claiming their own gifts of Source connection and internal Light.

Are you ready for powerful tools to call in your higher self wisdom, innate healing, and intuition? Ready to connect with your beloved Angelic Spirit Guides more deeply? Then we’re probably a good fit.

Set up a free 15-minute Discovery Call and let’s talk about your challenges and how my healing & coaching can help you get on clearly in 2020.

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“I work weekly with Suzanne. She guides me through contact by channeling Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and many more guides to offer specific guidance as I transition from leaving my employment at a medical center to being a spiritual entrepreneur. I have experienced many spiritually gifted individuals, and Suzanne is one of the most profoundly gifted individuals with a high vibration that I’ve experienced! If you feel a tad called to her, listen to your soul’s prompting and reach out to her. I recommend her for questions you have, clearing out stuckness, and increasing communication with your guides. Thank you for listening, as each of us do our healing work we make this world a better place!”
–K. Evans

Client Package 1:
Individual Transformation Coaching, Soul Embodiment Energy Activations, Angelic Guidance

Set yourself up for success through 2020 with monthly in-depth 90-minute sessions (in person or via phone.) Involves deep reading and clearing through your Akashic Records, and intuitive insights and guidance from your beloved angelic spirit team. I help you get unstuck–especially from life’s challenges that may have been vexing you for some time. Work through physical ailments & symptoms or disease, emotional & relationship puzzles, and general inability to figure something out. Book a discovery call to see if this work is right for you.

Investment: $300 per month, 1 session + weekly group calls

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Client Package 2:
Wings of Isis Personal Empowerment, Soul Embodiment & Intuition Awakening Programme

A Journey of Transformation:

  • Ready to move forward? Heal what keeps you in fear, illness, anxiety, lack of focus, or repeating patterns
  • Learn Reiki and other energy tools for everyday life (calming, grounding, healing, clearing)
  • Expand your psychic intuition & understand your higher self
  • Tap your healing abilities & call forth your light & angels
  • Understand your Soul Path to empower you in today’s world
  • Set a path for your amazing future
  • Reiki Level I and II Certification included for all clients interested in integrating Reiki into your realm or business.

Other benefits:

  • Understand & harness your energy daily to be grounded & open
  • Deepen awareness of who you are, release stress, & help your family when they are not feeling well–emotionally and physically
  • Truly and deeply embody your beautiful, eternal Soul
  • Strengthen psychic gifts to navigate your enlightenment
  • Connect with your angelic Guides & access your own intuition & Records.

Investment: $6,000, 6 months

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Also Available, Per Private Request:

  • Usui Advanced Reiki
  • Master/Teacher Training
  • Karuna® Reiki, ‘The Reiki of Compassion” with Kuan Yin